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With so abundant agitative TV out there these days, is it any admiration that writers and showrunners are consistently analytic for new and artistic agency to bear a story?

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HBO’s Westworld fabricated a advance in 2016 with the revelation/confirmation on Westworld Division 1 Adventure 10 that (SPOILERS!) William and the Man in Black were, in fact, the above actuality with thirty years of active and tragedy axis his aboriginal white-hat optimism into the bleakest of black-hat ennui.

The perspectives of all the hosts were aback invalid somehow, abnormally aback some of the hosts didn’t alike apperceive they were hosts.

It was a absolute brain-bender for those who had been fatigued into the cryptic archetype of the show.

In abounding agency this was the appearance of the time. Shows with capricious narrators (e.g., FX’s Legion, USA Network’s Mr. Robot, Showtime’s The Affair) had become de rigeur but begin that afterwards the adeptness to assurance the narrator, it was arduous for audiences to analyze with the characters.

That’s not to say bodies don’t like shows with capricious narrators, aloof that it inhibits the audience’s adeptness to asperse themselves in the chance aback they apperceive the angle isn’t true. There’s consistently the faculty of cat-and-mouse for the absolute chance to emerge.

So the added allotment of Westworld’s aberration was non-traditional, non-linear chronology, a accessory that has been played with in both blur and TV for decades but which has aback become the new acidity for showrunners.

If you can’t comedy with the who, you comedy with the when.

Because our accustomed aptitude is to accept that aggregate we see accident is accident at the above time, aback time itself turns out to be the abstruse ingredient, the #MindBlown moment can be both adorable and shocking.

The aftereffect has been amazing beyond altered genres aural the television multi-verse.

Predating Westworld’s premiere in 2016, the interwebs blew up aback This Is Us Division 1 Adventure 1 appear in its final moments that the admirers had accompanying witnessed both the past and present lives of the Pearson Family.

Now into its fourth season, This Is Us has alone gotten added adult and intricate with its use of assorted timelines and the misdirection it excels at.

With advisedly cryptic dialogue, able camerawork, and able timing, they’ve taken what might’ve been done in flashbacks in a less-elevated anecdotal and fabricated it their brand finesse.

In adverse to the audience’s automatic abandonment from the attendance of an capricious narrator, assorted timelines accept had the knock-on aftereffect of layering the audience’s compassionate of assorted characters, creating added affecting access and understanding.

The accessory additionally serves actual able-bodied to draw admirers in by creating a addle that needs solving.

That’s right! Television that makes us think, reflect, alike question. It’s sometimes frustrating, briefly confusing, but eventually so actual acceptable aback all the pieces abatement into place.

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Netflix’s The Witcher afresh delivered a premiere division that ran on three abstracted tracks.


Much like the staggered alpha of mid-distance clue races, The Witcher introduces us to its three capital characters in three absolutely altered time frames alone to accompany them into alignment by the finale.

Because both Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer are acutely abiding individuals, there are no age indicators for admirers to clue in to how abounding decades abide amid ceremony narrative.

Although they are abutting calm in age, we see Yennefer’s agent chance as she progresses from exceptionable adolescent to able mage while Geralt appears absolutely in comedy as an accomplished monster-hunter.

Thus, Yennefer’s account has the ancient alpha date if we were to lay out the three strands of the division in some array of beeline timeline.

As the “adults” in the picture, their belief interweave aboriginal and, because Geralt makes an abrupt wish, they afresh “interweave” for several decades as Destiny brings them calm over and over again.

Meanwhile, Ciri’s chance occurs in what we could best appellation “the present” in that it is the latest to action on the above timeline.

And for those who are advantageous attention, it’s Ciri’s chance that has the aboriginal time stamps to alpha applicable the addle pieces together. So we end up alive backwards to array the scenes into some array of order.

Granted, the addle of The Witcher’s timelines is a apathetic reveal. It takes a few episodes to clue into the ambush of the storytelling.

There’s no A-HA! moment or admirable acknowledge like on Westworld or This is Us.

The camera shuffles amid the three characters so generally it develops a rhythm, and aback the accuracy abaft the timelines become clear, it’s aloof how it is.

Call it a meta-TV Law of Surprise.

A added accessible and advised agee of time is acclimated on HBO’s Watchmen, which plays with the story-within-story-within-story adumbration and turns it into a fractal access of narratives.

On the surface, Watchmen tells two primary stories. #SPOILERS 

One follows Angela Abar in a post-psychic squid-attack Watchmen apple in Tulsa, Oklahoma, area law administration admiral all abrasion masks to adumbrate their identities.

The added chance predates the Watchmen and relates the agent of the actual aboriginal masked vigilante hero of their world, Hooded Justice.

But this is aback things get clever. Hooded Justice’s agent is apparent on a docu-series alleged “American Hero Story,” which plays on televisions throughout the series, area an counterfeit but accustomed ballad is portrayed.

Meanwhile, $.25 and pieces of the absolute Hooded Justice’s agent are meted out in anamnesis scenes like on the premiere whnen the 1921 Tulsa Black Wall Street Annihilation is re-enacted. A annihilation that absolutely happened in absolute life, not aloof in their alternating world.

It’s on Watchmen Division 1 Adventure 6, area the two belief bang aback Angela takes her grandfather’s pills of a biologic alleged Nostalgia and begins to bethink his life.

It turns out that Will Reeves was not alone one of the aboriginal African-American badge admiral in New York City, but afterwards actuality about lynched by his adolescent admiral for investigating Ku Klux Klan activities, he became Hooded Justice.

But his memories aren’t Angela’s and while she’s reliving his life, her academician is aggravating to acknowledge her absolute memories, so we get a boundless mix of her memories of growing up in Vietnam afterwards her parents are dead by a suicide adviser during a VVN Day celebration.

It’s an account access that manages to not alone aback the hardships both Angela and Will endured but their allusive and corresponding agony to accomplish things right.

And by no agency does Watchmen agreeable itself with aloof account the Reeves/Abar backstories.

It seasons its nine episodes with a actually aces riddle about Adrian Veidt (aka Ozymandias) the amoral ability who affiliated the apple in 1985 by bearing and carrying a supposedly-extraterrestrial analytic squid that dead three actor bodies in New York City and adjacent New Jersey.

For abundant of the season, Veidt appears to be active in his own array of Westworld with an great accumulation of assistant hosts, all fatigued on either a macho or changeable carbon arrangement known, respectively, as Mr. Phillips or Ms. Crookshanks.

Like Westworld, the canicule are duplicate from ceremony added and what seems to us to be a week, maybe a month, of acutely aberrant recreational activities is, in fact, abounding years of annoyance and apathy and accumulation annihilation of clones.

I’ll accept that I was VERY apathetic to apprehend that he wasn’t, in fact, adulatory with block every day, that ceremony anniversary was in actuality appearance addition year of his captivity.

But it was the time-toying that threw me on the accuracy of Lady Trieu’s accessory statue. 

In the final reveal, we ascertain that all of Veidt’s Europa Utopia scenes were in the past, affective afterpiece to our “present-day” with ceremony anniversary ceremony as able-bodied as his balloon by clones.

In the “present-day,” he had been captivated in stasis, closed in aqueous metal, decorating his daughter’s solarium.

The bronze was in apparent afterimage from Watchmen Division 1 Adventure 4 onwards, alike advised carefully by Angela aback she paid Lady Trieu a visit.

The accurate acme of time abetment is, hands-down, Watchmen Division 1 Adventure 8, cheekily blue-blooded “A God Walks into Abar” as it retells the accord amid Angela (Abar) and Cal/Doctor Manhattan.

But — get this — it tells it from Doctor Manhattan’s perspective.

For the uninitiated, Doctor Manhattan adventures ALL. TIME. SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Hauntingly agnate to the absolute Castle Rock Division 1 Adventure 7. The absolute adventure is attempt as accomplished by a appearance with dementia, befitting up with Doctor Manhattan’s activity is a fast-paced brain-bender of nuclear proportions.

For Whovian fans, there’s a afflicted moment in Angela and Cal’s kitchen that smacks of River Song’s addition on Doctor Who Division 4 Adventure 8.

Cal, who knows that he is about to airing out of the abode to be captured and killed, looks at Angela and — aback at their 2009 aboriginal affair in Vietnam — says to her that he is in the moment — in 2019 — aback he fell in adulation with her.

Time-twisty adulation belief are THE BEST.

So there you accept it.

Just as the fourth ambit is universally accustomed to be time, some of the best narratives actuality produced on television are agreeable their audiences, delighting their fans, and alarming minds with a array of chronologically-warped techniques.

What accept been your admired pretzel plots? 

Which were the better shocks? The best surprises?

How abounding accept beatific you antagonism to rewatch the antecedent episodes because aggregate agency so abundant added now?

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Diana Keng is a agents biographer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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